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Realizing that he could spend his money buying studio equipment and learning how to use it instead of hiring out uber expensive NYC studios, Krahula built up his home studio setup and began self-producing his own singles and records.  His studio career began watching his bandmates and masterful studio engineers/ producers, Dan Romer  and Wil Farr, record two albums for their band, Fire Flies.  Watching their meticulous drive to find the right sounds through careful mic placement, arrangement and mixing, he was able to pick up a wealth of priceless recording knowledge.  Since then, Krahula has experimented endlessly finding his own signature sound which he brings to every session he attends.  Whether working as engineer, arranger, producer, or studio musician, Matt has made recordings with Henry Kapono, Dan Romer, Jesse Savio, Aloha Miss Sunshine, Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!, The Nightmare River Band, Dan Deacon, and many more.  


Contact him for any of your studio needs.

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